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Renowned author, Larry McMillan, shows you how to avoid the 5 most common - and costly - mistakes option traders make. Master his methods for using put-call ratios, picking the right option, and deciding how much to risk and so much more. McMillan shows you what to do in typical tough spots - and how to avoid them in the future. This video is "must-viewing" for any investor looking to move beyond the realm of options theory - into the world of option profits.

Product Description :

Avoiding Option Trading Traps * What to Look For * Strategies for Success with Larry McMillan "I was right - but I'm still losing money." Sound familiar? Frustrations abound in the options arena. Learning what to expect, and how to react, are the real keys to option trading success. Now, renowned author and "Trader's Hall of Famer" Larry McMillan shows you how to avoid the 5 most common - and costly - mistakes option traders make. Benefit from the guidance of this options guru, as he highlights the 5 major problem areas traders frequently fall victim to. McMillan shows you what to do in typical tough spots - and how to avoid them in the future. Master his methods for ... - Using put-call ratios as a critical timing tool - Picking the right option for your trading style & goals - Deciding how many dollars to risk - Determining the correct number of options to buy - Creating a scenario for covered call writing play Not a "how to trade" course - this presentation is a "what to do" playbook, as McMillan focuses on fresh methods and tactics you need to make every trading move a winner, including ... - Recognizing the classic "disaster pattern" in covered call writing - How the underlying "Delta" impacts your trading strategies - Understanding - and using - "what if" analysis - Contrarian thinking: How to avoid running with the crowd - Finding -and profiting from - cheap options With its comprehensive online companion this video is must viewing for any investor looking to move beyond the realm of options theory - into the world of option profits.

2.Intensive option seminar <4>

Containing over 6 hours of valuable information recorded live in May 2005 in beautiful San Francisco - including specific trading systems used by Larry every day, this DVD is the perfect instructional tool for the intermediate to advanced options trader.

Avoiding Option Trading Traps with Larry McMillan What To Look For and Strategies for Success (2005)

3 Day Intensive Option Seminar Cassettes (Audio)

A complete set of 12 audio tapes recorded at the most recent 3-day intensive option seminar. Includes a copy of all overheads and computer images shown at the seminar.

Day 1: Option trading strategies
Day 2: Preparing for a day of real-time trading
Day 3: Real-time trading

3. Daniel Kertcher 3 day live seminar --> WHO'S DANIEL KERTCHER ?

Prosperity Power - 3 Day Seminar
If you are keen to develop a strong financial understanding of the stock market and the profit potential it provides then here is your opportunity to…

* Learn how to trade Stocks, Options and CFD's
* Learn how to generate Passive income from the stock market
* Learn how to write Covered Calls and Naked Puts
* Learn how to profit regardless of which direction the stock market moves,
up, down or even sideways!
* Learn how to protect your shares in a falling market
* Learn an introduction to Technical Analysis and Charting
* Receive your Stock & Options introductory DVD
* Receive your Building Wealth Audio CD
* Receive your Detailed Manual
* And much, much more

The stock market really is one of the most powerful ways to build your wealth and to generate a consistent monthly income from your current wealth.
The key to success is knowledge! Platinum Pursuits is holding an event that will teach you a complete introduction to US and Australian stocks, options and CFD’s – powerful wealth creation tools!
If you are…
* Interested in learning low risk high return stock market strategies
* Interested in learning how to make your money work for you
* Keen to discover the precise steps you need to take to generate multiple streams of passive income?
* Willing to learn how to profit whether the stock market is going up, down or sideways?

4. Powerful rules to successful option trading

Learn from the legendary master of options himself, as he provides you with profit-enhancing tools every success-driven trader should have in his arsenal. The strategic choice between hedging and speculating isn't easy. This informative presentation will train you to recognize and evaluate which trading scenarios are best suited for each option, so you can thrive in any market. You will get advice on how to eliminate frustration when things go wrong, how to most effectively manage your risk level, and much more. Stop envying all those successful traders out there! With McMillan's forceful trading system on hand, it's your turn to step up!

Put your financial nightmares to rest by implementing McMillan's personal options trading philosophy into your daily routine! Learn from the legendary master of options himself, as he provides you with profit-enhancing tools every success-driven trader should have in his arsenal. Gain insight as McMillan expounds on his powerful rules of success:

§ Always use a model.
§ Trade all markets.
§ Use follow-up strategies.
§ Only trade in accordance with your personal philosophy.

The strategic choice between hedging and speculating isn't easy. This informative presentation will train you how to recognize and evaluate which trading scenarios are best suited for each option, so you can thrive in any market. You will get advice on how to eliminate frustration when things go wrong, how to most effectively manage your risk level, and what the concept of naked call writing is really about.

The in-depth insight and potent methods presented in this outstanding trading session will enable you to develop an action plan you can put into use immediately. Stop envying all those successful traders out there! With McMillan's forceful trading system on hand, it's your turn to step up!

Minutes: 89
Type: DVD - DVD
Publish Date : 2/22/2005

5. Bernie Schaeffer's Options 101

Unlock the Secrets of Options Trading! One Powerful CD-ROM Lets You Learn at Your Own Pace!

* You'll find everything you need to understand what options are and how to start trading them to increase your profits.
* Discover many of Bernie Schaeffer's unique trading strategies to apply to your trading. right away!
* Thousands of dollars worth of strategies and concepts for trading in both bull and bear markets - all at an affordable price!
* NOW ELEVEN Easy-to-follow Multimedia Seminars guide you through trading topics using clear layout with text, graphics, and sound.

6. David Novac - Accredited Derivatives Advisor Level 2 --> Who's David Novac ?

Reputasi David Novac yang sangat menakjubkan telah menyebar secara Internasional dan membuatnya menjadi pembicara utama dalam seminar-seminar kelas dunia. ia telah memberikan presentasi untuk " Wealth Mastery" dari " Anthony Robbins dan program "Financial Intelligence" dan Fundamentals of Investing" dari Robert T Kyosaki (author of International best seller "Rich Dad Poor Dad").

Dengan memahami filosofi jual beli saham yang sederhana dan kunci-kunci dasar di pasar saham, Anda dapat bertransaksi saham dengan cara yang sangat menguntungkan tanpa memperhatikan latar belakang pribadi, pengetahuan dan tingkat keahlian seseorang.

David Novac mengajarkan strategi Praktis dan Efektif tentang Perdagangan Pasar Saham yang sangat Menguntungkan.

+ David Novac - Stockmarket Success <3>

This three CD audio program is a great introduction to the stock market.
As you listen to over 4 hours of David Novac’s personal journey from an early school leaver to successful trader you will be inspired to achieve the best you can be.
It particularly focuses on your psychology for investing and trading as a critical component of stock market success.

Stockmarket Success examines the key areas in both trading and investing. Whether you are a novice or a professional you will learn to have a more strategic approach to both local and global markets.

Stockmarket Success examines:

* The Pitfalls of Being a Novice
* Choosing to be an Investor or a Trader
* Understanding the Fundamentals
* Managing Risk as an Investor
* Managing Risk as a Trader
* Risk Tolerance
* Hope, Greed & Fear
* Controlling Your Emotions in the Market

+ David Novac - Understanding Options <2>

Basics for Using Leverage to Build Wealth
You will gain a clear understanding of how to use stock options in the stock market with this audio program. The material is presented in both tape and CD format with a workbook.

You will learn the foundations for using options responsibly and profitably.

In Understanding Stock Options you will learn the key elements to using options effectively in the market. You will benefit from Wealthwise Education’s extensive knowledge, founded on years of accomplished trading and broad stock market experience.

There are risks associated with the stock market, and critical to your long-term success is a comprehensive knowing of how to manage this risk. Use this program on an ongoing basis to reinforce your knowledge of trading stock options. Refer to the workbook for reference charts and further information that complements the audio program.

In this audio program, you will learn many key distinctions including:

* Leverage – how to use a small amount of money to control a large amount of stock
* Protection – how to use options just like insurance to protect the downside risk of your stock portfolio.
* Flexibility – how to make money whether the stock market is going up, down or sideways
* Emotions - how they drive the stock market
* The components of an option contract
* When to use Call options and Put options
* Your rights and obligations as a Buyer and a Writer of options
* Trading options in the global markets

+ David Novac - Building Wealth in the Stock Market <2>

Watch Building Wealth in the Stock Market, to learn David Novac's stock investing and trading strategies and rules, including:

* how to dramatically increase your success in the stock market by using a simple yet powerful step-by-step system that combines both technical and fundamental analysis.
* how to systematically analyse and buy stocks to build your wealth with confidence and wisdom
* how to read and understand stock charts (technical analysis)
* knowing how to use trends powerfully
* when a trend has changed
* analysing charts to identify the most opportune time to buy and sell
* what makes a company healthy or unhealthy (fundamental analysis)
* identify financially healthy companies with explosive growth potential
* the importance of managing your emotions through strong money management rules and stock portfolio selection
* discover companies that the wider investment community is ignoring
* money management techniques designed to reduce your risk in the markets
* how to consistently, in a low risk way, out perform the indices and managed funds

DVD 1:
chapter 1 - Benefits of Investing the Stock Market
chapter 2 - Charts Don't Lie
chapter 3 - Timing Is Everything!
chapter 4 - Portfolio Construction & Risk Management

DVD 2:
chapter 5 - Fundamentals
chapter 6 - Putting It All Together
chapter 7 - Investing Psychology

7. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

This program takes a fundamental view of what it takes to be a top-drawer business worthy of your investment dollar. It's based on traditional company variables like capitalization, market position, and labor relations, and some new variables like organizational adaptability and leadership depth and vision. The broad thinking and nuances are so intuitive and clearly drawn that listeners won't even realize how abstract and intelligent this writing is. The impressive piece of work is nicely abridged, and George Guidall is as connected to the material as anyone could be. Still, this is not for the cognitively challenged, nor for overly aggressive investors nor those with money hang-ups. A great resource for understanding why some companies are great and which ones will be. T.W. © AudioFile 2001, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.

"...written by American Investment genius.... We are delighted to have the opportunity to reproduce an extract from this classic, recently reissued..." (Financial Director, November 2003)

"...these updated classics are packed with investment wisdom..." (What Investment, November 2003)


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Ebook ttg Forex, Stocks Dan Options, VIDEO + SOFTWARE

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  • Wayne A. Thorp - Point & Figure Charts Revisited.pdf
  • Wayne A. Thorp - Screening For Momentum Stocks.pdf
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  • Yale Hirsch - Stock Traders Almanac.pdf
  • Zoom In On Personal Trading Behaviour and Profit From It.pdf
  • Shortcuts & Secrets To Winning The Stockmarket Game.pdf
PLUS Tambahan BONUS materi motivasi dan self improvement MP3 VERSION
  • Anthony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within-Cd1
  • Anthony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within-Cd2
  • Anthony Robbins Power To Influence (Full)
  • Anthony Robbins - Unlimited Power.mp3
  • Anthony Robbins - Unlimited Power Notes.pdf
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws Of Money
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Become A Sales Superstar
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Become An Outstanding Manager
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Hire And Keep The Best People
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Manage Your Time And Double Your Productivity
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Start And Build Your Own Successful Business
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done In Less Time
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Secrets of Millionaires
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Be 100
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Build A High Profit Business
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Build Your Own Business
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Double Your Productivity
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Get Ahead In Your Career
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Get The Job You Want
  • Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Stay In Love Forever
  • Brian Tracy - The Power of Clarity
  • Dane Spotts - Mind Power Secrets
  • If Success Is a Game, These Are the Rules
  • Brian Tracy - Breaking The Success Barrier
+ Plus bonus senilai $14.21

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits - Audio MP3

by Philip A. Fisher, read by George Guidall

"I am an eager reader of whatever Phil has to say."

-Warren Buffett

One of the most important works ever written on investment theory by one of the most influential investors of all time.

Berapa nilai bonus audio book ini??
Bisa Anda temukan di Amazon seharga $14.21


Software Trading

  • AmiBroker 4.70.5.
  • Tradestation 8.1
  • Trading Solutions V3.1
  • Wealth Lab3.0


1. Automated Leverage - Software Senilai $250 (2 juta lebih boss)

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2. Forex Secrets Exposed - Video Senilai $97 (800 ribu lebih !)

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3. The Millions Dollar Forex System - Senilai $97

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4. "Forex Trading Course"™ Senilai $67

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5. Forex Trading Machine - PDFT ( Price Driven Forex Trading ) $97


Plussssss Video dari forum KHUSUS !!

Total file size lebih dari 3 GB.


OptionsUniversity - Mastery Series 2007

Ron is a former floor trader, market maker, and was the specialist in DELL Computer.
"With over 100,000 options trades in my career, I know options..."

Module 1 :
Module 1 - Disc 1 - Introduction
Module 1 - Disc 2 - The Option Pricing Model
Module 1 - Disc 3 - The Option Pricing Model
Module 1 - Disc 4 - Pricing Model Inputs
Module 1 - Disc 5 - The Greeks - Delta
Module 1 - Disc 6 - The Greeks - Gamma
Module 1 - Disc 7 - The Greeks - Theta
Module 1 - Disc 8 - The Greeks - Vega

MOdule 2 :
Module 2 - Disc 1 - Calls
Module 2 - Disc 2 - Puts
Module 2 - Disc 3 - Trading Calls & Puts
Module 2 - Disc 4 - Intro to Synthetics
Module 2 - Disc 5 - Synthetic Stock
Module 2 - Disc 6 - Synthetic Calls
Module 2 - Disc 7 - Synthetic Puts

MOdule 3 :
Module 3 - Disc 1 - Covered Call
Module 3 - Disc 2 - Covered Put
Module 3 - Disc 3 - The Protective Put
Module 3 - Disc 4 - The Protective Put - Continue
Module 3 - Disc 5 - Synthetic Put Positions
Module 3 - Disc 6 - The Collar

MOdule 4 :
Module 4 - Disc 1 - Vertical Spreads
Module 4 - Disc 2 - Time Spreads
Module 4 - Disc 3 - Diagonal Spreads
Module 4 - Disc 4 - Straddles
Module 4 - Disc 5 - Strangles
Module 4 - Disc 6 - Butterflies
Module 4 - Disc 7 - Condors

Webinar :
David Elliott
David Elliott - Aug7 - 2007
Larry McMillian_Webinar - Sep19
Practical Application Class
Ron Billl WEbinar - Earning Gaps
Tom - Oct 3 - 2007


101 :

101 Video :

01 Call and Put Options Intro
02 NakedCallBuying
03 NakedPutBuying
04 OptionStandardization
05 Covered Call Intro
06 MCD
08 FON
09 Covered Put Intro
11 BMY
12 MRK
13 JNJ
14 Protective Put Intro
16 WMT
17 GM
18 Synthetic Put Intro
22 Collar Intro
23 LLY
26 MER
27 Stock Repair Intro
30 Stock Replacement Intro

101 Advance Video :
01 Vertical Bull ITT
02 Vertical Bull SSI
03 Vertical Bear GE
04 Vertical Bear JNJ
05 Time Spread XOM
06 Time Spread RJF
07 Long Straddle RIMM
08 Long Straddle BSC
09 Short Straddle PDE
10 Short Straddle RHAT
11 Long Strangle GSCO
12 Long Strangle EEP
13 Short Strangle IMCL
14 Short Strangle XLNX
15 Long Butterfly DNA
16 Long Butterfly IVGN
17 Long Condor RIMM
18 Long Condor AMGN

ISP and MyISP (Investment Selection Protocols) :

The Proper Application of Strategy to Selection :
01 BrettRonIntro
11 HPQ
12 BRCM_NakedCallBullCallSpread

Must have this DVD if you want to master the option !!


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Option Trading Camp Videos

You Can Sit in on an Exciting 2 Day Options Trading Seminar From Your Easy Chair!

Option Trading Camp : 8 Video Course

This course has sold hundreds at the original price of $1,995.00 and you may aquire it from Traders Press online bookstore.

Table of Contents:

* I. Call Options - Betting on the Upside
* II. Put Options - Betting on the Downside
* III. Intrinsic Value and the Players in the Call Option Market
* IV. Intrinsic Value and the Players in the Put Option Market
* V. The Importance of Volatility in Pricing
* VI. Introduction to Futures Contracts
* VII. Options - The Versatile Investment
* VIII. Measuring Volatility - How to Price Options Now and in the Future
* IX. Buying Options Successfully
* X. The Ultimate Insurance Policy
* XI. Review Quiz
* XII. Review - Homework
* XIII. Generate Income - Take the Bet Instead of Make the Bet
* XIV. Placing the Bet with Advanced Strategies
* XV. Taking the Bet with Advanced Strategies
* XVI. Utilizing Technical Indicators
* XVII. Writing Naked Index Options
* XVIII. Advanced Review - Homework
* XIX. Commodity Futures Options
* XX. Debit Spreading with Commodity Futures Options
* XXI. Credit Spreads - The Higher Probability of Profits

This comprehensive course is the ultimate in options training. Taped during one of Kenneth Trester's live training camps, this exhaustive course gives you all the knowledge you need to successfully compete with people who trade options professionally. Ken makes option trading extremely easy to understand

Ken Trester is the author of the best selling options trading book; The Complete Option Player, now in its 3rd edition and has published several option trading advisory letters.

Ken has been trading options since 1972 and is a former computer science professor. Ken provides that rare combination of being a professional trader and having excellent teaching skills. You will enjoy his dynamic presentation as you learn how to generate spectacular profits in the options markets.

Those who attended the camp paid up to $ 2,000 and sacrificed up to a week, as well as paying for airline tickets, hotel accommodations and meals.

You'll learn specific strategies for stock, index, commodity and futures options. Some of this information is not available anywhere else.

Here are some of the things you'll learn:

* How to use options to buy stock at bargain prices.
* Advanced strategies that let you win 90% of the time.
* How to hedge commodities and stocks with low-priced options.
* How to leverage minimal investment dollars into maximum profits.
* And much more.

A New York stockbroker who attended the camp said he learned enough in the first hour to pay for the course many times.

You'll Uncover Many Option Trading Secrets : Ken Trester's Option Trading Camp videos show you how to apply unique trading skills in stocks, index, and commodity option trading.

You'll be presented with many of the secrets that Ken has spent twenty five years perfecting. Secrets like...

Secret #1: How to Out-Psyche the Competition. Ken lays out the psychology of how to beat the options game.

Secret #2: How to Spot Real Bargains . Ken shows you how to find the true bargains in the options market. True values even overlooked by the professional traders.

Secret #3: How to Make Money Whether the Market Moves Up or Down. Ken's strategies are built on the mathematical odds. He shows you how to profit regardless of how the market performs. so it doesn't make any difference which way the markets move. So the bear won't bite you again!

Secret #4: How to Use Options to Insure Your Stocks and Mutual Funds Portfolio. You insure your health, your home, your car; do you insure your investments? Probably not. Ken shows you how to protect your portfolio using options.

Secret #5: How to Buy Stocks at Bargain Prices Using Options. Would you like to buy your favorite stock at a much lower price and get paid for waiting to get your price. Ken shows you how.

Secret #6: How to Stack the Odds in your Favor. Ken show you how to trade options so the odds of winning are stacked in your favor. The key to being a professional trader.

Plus, you're getting as much as 14 hours of valuable options trading strategies on DVD !

This material is recommended for both beginners and for more serious options students who can devote themselves to learning advanced, yet easy-to-understand professional techniques. If you're willing to make the commitment, the rewards can be phenomenal.

::. PRICE : 8 DVD = 399,000 .::
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Kirimkan pesanan anda melalui sms atau email, (nama pemesan, alamat, kota/kode pos, No.HP, nama dan jumlah CD), kami akan mereply / membalas beserta harga perincian dan cara pembayaran, sesudah transfer dana, harap segera dikonfirmasi agar pesanan anda bisa langsung diproses...

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Pemilik usaha, Director Manager, Supervisor, Karyawan, Sales People, Agen Asuransi, Broker Property, Network Marketing, Mahasiswa, Dokter, Pengacara, dan semua pribadi yang ingin sukses dalam dunia Trading.

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Keyword : Success, Personal Development, Personal Breakthrough, Peak Performance, Financial Freedom, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, Human Skills, NLP, Neuro Lingustic Programming, Internet Marketing, Options, Stock and Forex Trading, Brainwave and Relaxation

Reid Buckley, seorang pembicara profesional pernah berkata, "Jika Anda tidak melakukan pembelajaran terus-menerus dan meningkatkan keterampilan Anda, maka akan ada orang lain yang melakukannya, dimanapun dan siapapun dia. Dan, ketika Anda menemui orang itu, Anda akan KALAH !" (Brian Tracy, Million Dollar Habits)


Update December 10th 2009

NEW 'n OTHERS PRODUCT (Trading and Forex)

For every Success man and woman, CONTINOUS LEARNING is a MUST ! Success Resources™ congratulate you for taking the steps to better yourself

Maksimalkan Potensi Anda! Jika Anda ingin segera keluar dari krisis dan masalah Anda, dan ingin berhasil menghadapi tantangan dalam PEKERJAAN, BISNIS, dan HIDUP, Anda harus membeli produk tersebut.

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Salam Dahsyat,

Siapa Anthony Robbins ?

DOWNLOAD VIDEO Of Who is Anthony Robbins --> VIDEO

Anthony Robbins adalah World No.1 Success Coach yang telah menghantarkan Andre Agassi, Bill Clinton, Lady Diana, Nelson Mandela, Mikhael Gorbachev, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Greg Norman menuju puncak prestasi dunia.

1. Meraih Financial Freedom
2. Meraih penampilan puncak (PEAK PERFORMACE)
3. Menemukan gaya hidup yang ideal
4. Vitalitas dan energi yang “outstanding”
5. Meningkatkan hubungan yang dahsyat
6. Tindakan dan pencapaian kemajuan hidup
7. Mengubah KETAKUTAN menjadi KEKUATAN
8. Mengembangkan kepercayaan diri secara utuh, dll.


Home Audio Program from Anthony Robbins :

1. Unleash The Power Within (6cd) --> MP3 : 324 MB --> Download sample MP3

Download GRATIS ! - UTPW - (format wma)

+ 1. Introduction
+ 2. I Should
+ 3. Action Gives You Power
+ 4. Raising Your Standards
+ 5. Take Action
+ 6. Be Outstanding
+ 7. The Secret
+ 8. Stress and Excitement
+ 9. The Real Question

Now experience Anthony Robbins' cornerstone event for self improvement in a dynamic audio program. Learn how to live your life not by hope. . .not by chance. . .but by design. Break old patterns and destroy limiting beliefs. . .condition yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to create massive results. . .and much, much more!

“There is a powerful, driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream or desire a reality.” –Tony Robbins

The power was given to you at the moment you were born. Its source is unlimited. And when you seize it, you’ll have everything you need to create a life filled with more passion, excitement, confidence and joy than you’ve ever dreamed. Isn’t it time to Unleash the Power Within and claim your extraordinary potential?

How do you really want to live? What are you most excited about? What are you grateful for? Do you often feel “stuck” in your life? Are you unable to make changes or break through past beliefs?

We often look outside ourself for these answers. When we do, we give away our power. It’s time to find your own answers…uncover your own internal motivations…and set your own rules!

Your core values and beliefs control what you think about, the people you identify with and the goals to which you aspire. Most of us updated these long ago from our parents, teachers, friends or peer groups. More often than not, they can limit our vision of how we want to live, and unconsciously alter our level of achievement and happiness in life.

This is more than just another new program—it’s a whole new vision. In Unleash the Power Within, Anthony Robbins shows you how to live your life not by hope…not by chance…but by design. You’ll learn to:

* Break old patterns and destroy limiting beliefs
* Become a decisive person who takes massive, intelligent action
* Condition yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to create staggering results
* Find and develop your strategy of success
* Have more confidence and self-esteem
* Develop new communication skills
* Generate more passion and enthusiasm
* Become aware of the higher purpose for your life
* Discover what drives you and what holds you back
* And much, much more!

SIDE 1: Seizing Your Extraordinary Life
SIDE 2: Understanding Your Emotional Triad
SIDE 3: Mastering Your Communication
SIDE 4: Designing Your Ultimate Success Formula
SIDE 5: Creating Lasting Change
SIDE 6: Embracing Change and Creating Momentum
SIDE 7: Meeting Your Six Human Needs
SIDE 8: Building Your Powerful Team
SIDE 9: Understanding and Developing Rapport
SIDE 10: Mastering Strategies for Consistent Results
SIDE 11: Strategizing Your Everyday Life
SIDE 12: Unleashing Your Power Within

2.Live with Passion ! (6cd) --> MP3 : 316 MB

Are you tired of settling for less than you can be and less than you deserve? With Tony as your coach you will push past obstacles, achieve your goals, and take consistent action. Now is the time to redefine the quality of your life and live with passion, happiness, and fulfillment than you have ever experienced..

3. The Power to Shape your Destiny (7cd) --> MP3 : 268 MB

The Power To Shape Your Destiny will help you develop a clearer vision of who you are, what you really want and how to get there. Anthony Robbins leads you through a process that begins with the discovery of your primary question: the question that has been driving every aspect of your life. Then, Tony leads you through a variety of processes to examine your rules and values, establish your power virtues and even change your primary question so that it empowers you. Your date with destiny is just around the corner.

4. Get the Edge (10cd) --> MP3 : 653 MB

With this Tony Robbins product, learn how to master your emotions, develop deep, loving, intimate relationships: transform your body and attain vibrant health and find the keys to financial freedom

5. Lesson in Mastery (6cd) --> MP3 : 343 MB

Most of us struggle daily to pay the bills, keep our jobs, and maintain our peace of mind. Wouldn't you love to say goodbye to these endless preoccupations, and greet the dawning of an exceptionally satisfying and empowered existence? If you're ready to take command of your future, achieve your dreams, and make happiness your number one priority, then you're ready to experience Anthony Robbins' unparalleled new program, Lessons in Mastery.

6. Power Talk (10 cd) --> MP3 : 543 MB

What if you could be privately mentored by the greatest masters in the world? Interviews with John Wooden , Deepak Copra, Stephen Covey, John Gray, and Harry S. Dent

Tony Robbins - Discovering Your Life
John Wooden - The Psychology of Winning
Deepak Copra M.D - Extraordinary Health
Stephen Covey - Defining Your Career
John Gray - Outstanding Relationship
Harry S. Dent - Maximize Your Return

7. Awaken The Giant Within (1 cd) --> MP3 : 52.2 MB

This CD reissue of the selfhelp classic teaches listeners how to harness untapped abilities, talents, and skills, demonstrates how to change disempowering habits, and provides the tools needed in order to take control of their own fate.

8. Giant Steps (2cd) --> MP3 : 106 MB

Small Changes to Make a Big Difference Daily Lessons in Self-Mastery

9. Personal Power + Personal Success Journal (7cd) --> MP3 : 543 MB

Have you ever said to yourself "It's time for me to make a change in my life" - then not followed through? What's the secret? Anthony Robbins turns personal and professional achievement into a step-by-step process you can master and measure over the course of 30 days. And he delivers it with a level of passion, power and playfulness that makes the process not only moving, but thoroughly enjoyable!

NEW !!

10. Time of Your Life + WORKBOOK & SUMMARY CARD

11. Personal Power 2 (30 DAYS) + Personal Success Journal

12. Personal Training System + Workbook

13. Power To Influence

14. The Body You Deserve



+ Leadership In Times of Crisis - Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times of Crisis

Where were you on September 11, 2001? When you first heard the news of the devastating attack on the World Trade Center, what did you think, feel, and do? Traumatic events tend to trigger the most primal emotional patterns in people-anger, sorrow, despair, grief, vengeance, and rage-causing many to become ineffective, fearful, and unresourceful.

Total running time: 113 minutes

+ Conquering Overwhelming Loss: Rediscovering a compelling future

In everyone’s life there are setbacks, disappointments and times when everything seems to be lost. Robbins and Madanes will guide you through the steps you must take to recover your self-esteem, your passion, and the love of others after a failure. Experience one man’s triumph and learn how to stay in control of your life no matter what the circumstances.

New !! VCD Anthony Robbins

1. Keys To Unlimited Success - 2 VCD

2. Life Management System - 2 VCD


We live in a world with more choices and opportunities than any other time in history. Yet with them come increased responsibilities, challenges and changes. In this age of abundance, what's the scarcest commodity of all? Time: We all need and want more time, but with today's ever-increasing demands, how do we get it? The answer is in your hands.

This system is all about producing extraordinary results with less time and more fulfillment. It is a fundamental paradigm shift from time management to life management.


The Time of Your Life system is a mind revolution: it transforms your massive demands and responsibilities into the exciting realization that you can accomplish something truly meaningful. It helps you to focus and define your life by asking yourself new questions: What do I really want? And why do I want it? What are my deepest needs and how can I tap into my drive to accomplish them? Once you know the results you are after, discovering how to achieve them becomes immediately clear. This program is a 10-day step-by-step process for turning your dreams into reality, transforming stress into drive and fulfillment and creating a life you've directed and shaped rather than one of your reaction.

Anthony Robbins' ground breaking The Time of Your Life program will empower you to create more time for what really matters to your life. You will learn how to:

* Vanquish patterns of stress in your life and replace them with patterns of fulfillment
* Immediately focus on what matters most
* Create a life plan that will allow you to achieve balance
* Utilize the power of effective decision making
* Free your mind of annoying details and interruptions and experience the peace-of-mind you deserve
* Turn any idea into reality through a simple planning process
* Tap into the power of purpose: If your reason is compelling enough, you can achieve anything
* Replace your "to-do" list with a daily plan that maximizes your time and guarantees your accomplishment
* Eliminate the "shoulds" in your life
* Turn demand into drive
* Create a compelling vision for all the areas of life that matter most to you
* Live a life of passion and fulfillment

3. Time of Your Life - 2 VCD

In this age of abundance, the scarcest commodity of all is time. We all need and want more of it. But how do we go about getting it?

More than a decade ago, that very question sent world-renowned personal and professional strategist Anthony Robbins on a search for a truly effective time-management system. When he couldn't find one that enabled him to effectively and enjoyably manage the increasing demands of his life, he decided to create his own.

The result was the revolutionary Rapid Planning Method or RPM system, a Results-oriented, Purpose-driven, Massive-action plan for managing his personal and professional life. Anthony has been practicing and perfecting this system in his own life ever since - with unprecedented results. In The Time of Your Life, Anthony Robbins shares his personal system for total life management with you.

The Time of Your Life is a radically different approach that will empower you to:

* Transform a tangled, complex, or overwhelming task into a fun and useable plan.
* Liberate yourself from monotonous and time-consuming "To-Do" lists while accomplishing more, in less time, than ever before.
* Eliminate patterns of stress and replace them with patterns of fulfillment.
* Immediately focus on what matters most.
* Understand what you want and why you want it, and use that knowledge to achieve your desires with unprecedented speed.
* Free your mind of annoying details and interruptions so you can experience the peace of mind
you deserve.
* Genuinely enjoy the process of establishing, managing, and achieving your goals.

With Anthony Robbins as your personal coach, you'll master the RPM system and experience real achievement instead of mere movement. You'll eliminate overwhelming tasks, maximize your fulfillment, produce the results you truly desire in record time - and have a lot of fun doing it!

4. Unleashed The Power Within - 2 VCD

UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN is about not settling for less than you can be - in all aspects of your life. It's about seizing the power that is already within you and using it to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that's been scripted for you by your environment, your history, society, or anyone else. Anthony Robbins invites you to a weekend of powerful immersion into the finest strategies, tools, and resources available for creating an extraordinary quality of life - where you not only achieve your ultimate goals, but you also experience the profound fulfilment you desire and deserve.
In four of the most empowering, educational, and entertaining days of your life, you will identify with absolute precision what it is you really want, discover how to permanently break through any barriers that are holding you back, and learn how to apply the specific tools and strategies for turning your dreams into reality.
UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN is about Creating Breakthroughs:
…moving beyond fears and limiting beliefs, accomplishing goals and realising true desires; turning dreams into reality, creating fulfilling relationships, and modelling the strategies of peak performers to produce a quantum difference in your life immediately. At UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN, you will vanquish whatever is holding you back from taking action. As the ultimate physical metaphor for your newly emerging mastery, you will storm barefoot across a hot bed of glowing coals.

<- VCD Anthony Robbins - @ Rp 20,000/VCD ->


+ Higher Self
+ Magical Mind & Body
+ The Way of The Wizard

ALL NEW Collection and Compilation:

+ Og Mandino
+ Zig Ziglar
+ John C Maxwell
+ Jim Rohn
+ Robert T Kiyosaki
+ Bill Clinton
+ David Bach
+ Paul McKenna
+ Dennis Waitley
+ David J Lieberman
+ Stephen Covey
+ John Gray
- Please look at Cataloque

Jual buku Anthony Robbins' Seminar :

Personal Training System - Support To CD Audio !


This course will give you the tools you need to overcome any limitations or challenges - and seize the life you deserve now! Tony's personal training system will teach you how to consistently motivate yourself to instantly achieve a peak state of mind.


+ PERSONAL POWER II : THE DRIVING FORCE, Personal Success Journal - Support to Personal Power CD (157 halaman)

Others :


--> Download sample MP3

Tung Desem Waringin (Exclusive Indonesia Anthony Robbins and Robert T. Kiyosaki Authorized Consultant)
--> Sekilas Info TDW:

+ Life Revolution (6 VCD)

--> Yang membahas bagaimana tetap bersemangat dan berenergi dalam situasi sesulit apa pun, lima resep sukses anti gagal, tiga cara mempercepat sukses, dan membuang kebiasaan buruk.

+ Financial Revolution (1 CD)
--> Yang membahas bagaimana membuat uang mengejar Anda, bagaimana mempunyai peternakan uang, bagaimana cara orang kaya mengumpulkan uang ribuan kali lebih banyak dibandingkan orang biasa dalam waktu yang sama, bagaimana memulai usaha dengan kemungkinan berhasil 98%, Bagaimana Aman secara finansial, Bagaimana memulai usaha tanpa modal, bagaimana memulai usaha tanpa modal.

Tabel Bunga berbunga ver. I Tabel Bunga berbunga ver. II

+ Leadership Revolution (1 VCD)
--> Yang membahas bagaimana memimpin diri sendiri dan orang lain.

+ Sales Magic (1 CD) -> (AVAILABLE ALSO IN VCD !) - 3 VCD
--> Yang membahas bagaimana menjual apa pun, kepada siapa pun, kapan pun, dan dimana pun.

+ Marketing Revolution (5 VCD)

---> Yang membahas bagaimana meningkatkan penjualan Anda antara 100%-2000% dalam waktu kurang dari 6 bulan. Ilmu nyata/street smart, yang terbukti berhasil ketika memberikan Business Coach mulai dari toko busana muslim di Tanah Abang, toko handphone, toko mas, Bank Lestari di Bali, bengkel, perusahaan sampo nasional, Coldwell Banker Sigit, Era Galaxy, Gapura Prima Group (Apartemen Belezza Bellagio), dan lain sebagainya, yang semuanya meningkat antara 100-2000% dalam waktu kurang dari 6 bulan.

+ Retire Young Retire Rich (5 VCD)

--> Bagaimana cara supaya cepat menjadi kaya, Bagaimana cara membangun bisnis yang berhasil, Bagaimana cara mendapatkan pendapatan pasif dari properti tanpa perlu bekerja keras seumur hidup, Bagaimana cara bermain saham yang aman dan tetap mendapatkan profit yang bagus, Bagaimana cara menerapkan ilmu Robert T. Kiyosaki di Indonesia.

+ Business Revolution (3 CD) -new-

"Mengatasi rasa takut berbisnis, merubah rasa takut menjadi berani dalam 3 menit atau kurang ala Anthony Robbins"
"Rahasia kesuksesan berbisnis ala The Best Business CEO in the world for the century, Jack welcth (CEO General Electric)"
"Sales Team Revolution, bagaimana memotivasi & meningkatkan sales dari tim Anda 3x lipat dalam waktu 6 bulan atau kurang ala Joe Girard"

+ $ecret To Be Rich (3 CD) -new-

+ The Giant Steps (3 CD) -new-

"Bagaimana caranya meraih kesuksesan dan kekayaan yang berlimpah, yang ditempuh hanya dalam 3 tahun"
"Bagaimana memarketingkan & menjual buku Financial Revolution, pemegang rekor MURI kategori buku inspirational pertama di Indonesia yang penjualannya melebihi 10.000 eksemplar pada hari pertama peredarannya"
"Bagaimana caranya sebagai karyawan bisa naik gaji 3X setahun"

+ AWAKEN THE DAHSYAT WITHIN (4 Audio CD) ; (4 Video-CD) -new-

Yang membahas :
+ Bagaimana meraih kesuksesan dengan Membangunkan Kuasa "Raksasa" Dalam Diri dan menggali Potensi yang terpendam dalam diri.


Yang membahas :
+ Good To Great : Bagaimana menjadikan perusahaan baik atau biasa menjadi perusahaan hebat (CD ini harus dipelajari oleh setiap level SDM di perushaan anda!). Disaripatikan dari Jim Collins (World's Leadership Guru).
+ 24 Prinsip Milyader yang Mencerahkan : Temukan 24 prinsip dasar yang akan mengantarkan anda menuju kekayaan yang luar biasa. Disaripatikan dan dikembangkan secara bebas dari Jack Canfield dan Mark Victor Hansen (One Minute Millionaire).


Yang membahas :
+ Bagaimana menjual sepotong roti tawar dengan harga 300 juta dan orang masih berebut dan yang dapat masih berterima kasih.
+ Bagaimana menjual apapun, kepada siapapun, dimanapun, dan kapanpun.

+ Greatest Secret for Greatest Success (1 CD) -new-

+ Property Rich Revolution (1 CD Audio) -new-

NEW !!!

Life Revolution series, adalah 24 CD Audio yang dirancang untuk mengubah kebiasaan Anda menjadi berani Take Action, mengubah hidup menjadi lebih baik - sangat-sangat revolusioner !!

01. Cara Paling Sederhana untuk Menjadi Pemenang dalam Hidup

02. Cara Jadi Master dalam Bidang Apapun

03. Jadi Pemimpin Dalam Hidup

04. Bagaimana Membentuk Hidup yang Berkualitas

05. Bagaimana Mendapatkan apa yang benar-benar Kita inginkan

06. Bagaimana menjadi Tuan dari EMOSI Kita

07. Kekuatan FOKUS dalam Mendapatkan Apa yg kita INGINKAN

08. Merubah Hidup menjadi DAHSYAT

09. Kekuatan Keyakinan yang membuat kita menjadi MANUSIA Penuh DAYA

10. Bagaimana Menciptakan Kebiasaan Pemenang

11. Bagaimana Membuang Kebiasaan Buruk

12. Bangkit Dari Trauma, Menuju Masa Depan yang Cerah

13. Keterampilan Berpikir Menuju Hasil yang Dahsyat

14. 7 Resep Sukses Anti Gagal

15. Menciptakan Masa Depan yang Indah

16. Setting GOAL

17. Menanam Tindakan! Membuang Penundaan! Menuai Keajaiban!

18. Pentingnya Identitas yang Kuat untuk Menjadi Pendaki Hidup yang Sukses

19. Kekuatan Misi Hidup yang Menggairahkan

20. Menyusun Nilai-nilai Hidup Serta Aturan, dalam Rangka Mencapai Hidup Bahagia

21. Prinsip Paling Dahsyat dalam Menuju Financial Freedom

22. Membina Hubungan yang Akrab dan Bergairah

23. 5 Kecerdasan keuangan untuk Hidup Berkualitas

24. Membuat Rencana yang Masuk Akal Menuju Impian Kita

CALL / SMS : +62 812 97 98 94 6 FOR CRAZY PRICE !!!


Yang membahas pada 4 Major Areas :
+ Academic : Super Memory, Creative Note-Taking, Examination Strategies, Excellerated Reading, Learning Strategies, Peak Studying Performance, Super-Teen Holistic Study Method, Secret of Writing.
+ Personal : Time Management, Self-Confidence, Postive Inner Motivation, Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills, Self-Image, Stress Control, Goal-Setting, Self-Esteem.
+ Challenge of Excellence : Mind/Body Coneections, Low Element Adventure, Group Pattern, Rope Course.
+ Social : Communication Skills, Leadership Strategies, Team Support, Family Relationship, Winning Friends.

ROGER HAMILTON : Wealth Dynamics Video

+ Membahas tentang perbedaan cara alami tiap - tiap orang dalam mendapatkan kekayaan yang melimpah

David Novac - Accredited Derivatives Advisor Level 2 --> Who's David Novac ?

Reputasi David Novac yang sangat menakjubkan telah menyebar secara Internasional dan membuatnya menjadi pembicara utama dalam seminar-seminar kelas dunia. ia telah memberikan presentasi untuk " Wealth Mastery" dari " Anthony Robbins dan program "Financial Intelligence" dan Fundamentals of Investing" dari Robert T Kyosaki (author of International best seller "Rich Dad Poor Dad").

Dengan memahami filosofi jual beli saham yang sederhana dan kunci-kunci dasar di pasar saham, Anda dapat bertransaksi saham dengan cara yang sangat menguntungkan tanpa memperhatikan latar belakang pribadi, pengetahuan dan tingkat keahlian seseorang.

David Novac mengajarkan strategi Praktis dan Efektif tentang Perdagangan Pasar Saham yang sangat Menguntungkan.


James Gwee T.H., MBA

+ Positive Business Ideas (4 cd)

CD 1 :
Change Result and Action
Leaders Must Have Vision
Time is Money
Delegation Tips
High Pay Off Areas
Celebrate Wins
Meeting Tips - Agenda
Meeting Tips - Ground Rules
Smile When Serving your Customer
Selling Tips - What to Ask
Selling Tips - Overcoming Price Objection
How to Quickly Calm Down An Angry Customer

CD 2:
Know the real value of your customer
3 Ways to Increase Revenue
Reform the Environment
Bussiness is System
Quote Higher, Charge Less
SOP your staff
Document Valuable Learning Experience
Backup your Salesman's Database
Sychronize Activities
Learn from Experiences
Do not Always Shoot your Target
Gold In the Hotel Room

CD 3:
What is Service Excellence
The Different Between Reguler Customers And Loyal Customers
Service in a '3 STAR' Hotel
Smile when Serving your Customer
After Handling The COmplain (Tip 1)
After Handling The COmplain (Tip 2)
After Handling The COmplain (Tip 3)
'Ada yang bisa saya bantu?'
How to Transfer Calls Successfully
How to Make Children Feel Comfortable in your Shop
Repeat your Customer's Request
Know The Real Value of your Customer

CD 4:
The Signifinance of Your Job
How to Manage your Time as a Manager
How to delegate Effectively
Motivation VS Control
Handle Mistakes
Learning Exprerience
Effective Meeting Tips - Agenda
Effective Meeting Tips - Ground RUles
Routine Meetings
Learn from Expreriences
Bussiness is System
Reform the Environtment

+ Carrer Motivation - Talkshow : Motivasi & Inspirasi peningkatan karir(1 CD)
--> How to become a Promotable Employee? Bagaimana menjadi karyawan yang layak dipromosikan untuk jabatan yang lebih tinggi?

+ Wawasan Wirausaha (2 VCD)

+ The Unlimited Power Of Motivation - Total Success Community Congress:"Success Secrets of Stars Performers" (2 VCD)
--> Bagaimana melihat penghalang dari sisi yang positif, Bagaimana merespon keadaan dengan positif, Bagaimana membuat self concept

+ Seliing with Empathy ( 2 CD)
--> How to sell your products or Ideas successfully using the right approach by understanding 7 personality types of customers.


James Gwee - Explains The Master Lessons

How To Survive & Succeeed In The 21st Century : Denis Waitley, Contains :
  1. Power Idea # 1 – The Individual of The 21st Century
  2. Power Idea # 2 – What Are Your Talents and Your Personality Traits?
  3. Power Idea # 3 – The 21st Century Company
  4. Power Idea # 4– Doing Business In The 21st Century
  5. Power Idea # 5 – Now Is The Best Time
  6. Bonus : James Gwee’s Interactive Talk Show at Radio Smart FM discussing The Lessons of Denis Waitley

The Fighting Spirit & Courage Diana Golden : Diana Golden, Contains :
  1. Power Idea # 1 – The Courage of A Girl Called Diana Golden
  2. Power Idea # 2 – What Is Courage?
  3. Power Idea # 3 – “Confront Your Fears”
  4. Power Idea # 4 – “You Don’t Have To Confront Every Fear”
  5. Power Idea # 5 - “Courage Also Means Keep Coming Back”
  6. Bonus : James Gwee’s Interactive Talk Show at Radio Smart FM discussing The Lessons of Diana Golden

The World's Greatest Salesman : Joe Girard, Contains :
  1. Power Idea # 1 -"God Gave You 2 Ears But Only 1 Mouth"
  2. Power Idea # 2 - How To Handle Rejections
  3. Power Idea # 3 - How To Make The Sales Stick!
  4. Power Idea # 4 - What To Do So That The Support Department Will Fully Support You
  5. Power Idea # 5 - Joe Girard's 1-2-3 Sales Punch
  6. Bonus : James Gwee's Interactive Talk Show At Radio Smart Fm Discussing The Lessons Of Joe Girard

It's Your Attitude : Shiv Khera, Contains :
  1. Power Idea # 1 - The Difference Between Skill And Competence - Which Is More Important?
  2. Power Idea # 2 - Our Attitude Is Seen From The Choices That We Make
  3. Power Idea # 3 - The Difference Between Character And Reputation - Which Is More Important?
  4. Power Idea # 4 - What's The Difference Between Winners & Losers?
  5. Power Idea # 5 - It's All About Attitude!
  6. Bonus : James Gwee's Interactive Talk Show At Radio Smart Fm Discussing The Lessons Of Shiv Khera

You Must Have Goals! How To Set & Achieve Your Goals : Zig Ziglar, Contains :
  1. Power Idea # 1 - "You Must Have Goals!"
  2. Power Idea # 2 - "Life Without Clear Goals Is Like."
  3. Power Idea # 3 - How To Achieve Your Goals - See The Reaching
  4. Power Idea # 4 - How To Achieve Your Goals - Small Bites
  5. Power Idea # 5 - How To Achieves Your Goals - Commitment
  6. Bonus : James Gwee's Interactive Talk Show At Radio Smart Fm Discussing The Lessons Of Zig Ziglar

How To Sell Your Way To The Top
Zig Ziglar, Contains :

  1. Power Idea # 1 - "Salesmen Are Made, Not Born!"
  2. Power Idea # 2 - "Truly Great Sales People Are Not Normal!"
  3. Power Idea # 3 - "Sales Is Not What You Do To The Customer!"
  4. Power Idea # 4 - Selling Logic Vs. Emotion - What's The Difference?
  5. Power Idea # 5 - How To Apply Positive Mental Projections Successfully
  6. Bonus : James Gwee's Interactive Talk Show At Radio Smart Fm Discussing The Lessons Of Zig Ziglar

Audio CD ini merupakan rekaman langsung dari seminar James Gwee, dengan outline materi sebagai berikut :

- Apa yang termasuk sebagai panawaran yang menarik bagi customer ?
- Kapan kita harus melakukan close sales
- Bagaimana cara menggunakan “Trail Closing Techniques” secara efektif ?
- Hal paling penting yang harus dilakukan setelah menanyakan pertanyaan untuk closing sales
- 10 tips dalam melakukan Closing suatu transaksi
- 10 teknik Closing yang powerful
- Hal yang terpenting yang harus dilakukan setelah berhasil melakukan penjualan
- Hubungan dengan customer baru saja mulai
- Langkah pertama yang terpenting dalam menjalin relasi dengan customer
- new -

+ FX Hadi Tjokro MBA - Tips On Professional Presentation (2 CD)
-->Presentasi adalah salah satu hal penting dalam bekerja / berbisnis .
CD Audio Talkshow yang membahas tips dalam ber-Presentasi.

+ Rhenald Khasali ,James Gwee & Ir Happy Tjandra - Multi Millionaire Business(6 VCD)

Speaker :

Ir. Happy S. Tjandra
Apa yang harus anda lakukan untuk sebelum sukses, selama sukses, dan setelah anda sukses

Rhenald Kasali, Phd
Bagaimana Merasa, Berpikir, dan Bertindak sebagai Billionaire, Fundamental dari seorang Billionaire, Pelajaran Sukses untuk Anda dan Bisnis Anda, dan 6 Tips untuk mendapatkan Uang

James Gwee, MBA
Bagaimana caranya supaya sales anda meningkat luar biasa puluhan bahkan ratusan persen dengan sangat mudah.

+ Purdi E Chandra, Jaya Setiabudi - Cara Gila jadi Pengusaha (Entrepreneur Mindset) 2 VCD

+ CD Audio "Brainwave" - Relaxation and Activate Your Brain (1 CD)
-->Relaxation : general & while staying focused

+ Romy Rafael: Personal Goal Setting

+ Romy Rafael: Emotional Freedom

+ Tanadi Santoso - Business Wisdom

+ Miming P - "Bagaimana cara mengelola Utang"
Others :

+ Dr. James Lazzarini (Doktor hypnotherapy & entertainer professional)
The Secret of Stage Hypnosis Revealed (Rahasia Hipnotis Modern) (1 VCD)

Hampir seluruh penonton yang menyaksikan pertunjukkan hipnotis akan penasaran, apakah itu benar hipnotis atau hanya sandiwara yang direkayasa sebab seorang pesulap mampu mengkontrol para sukarelawan seperti menjadi tertidur, ribut dengan sesama sukarelawan atau bahkan melakukan suatu aktivitas tertentu jika mendengar suatu kata kunci yang sudah ditentukan, membuat sukarelawan lupa nama ibunya, dan banyak lagi yang bisa dilakukan ! Kini pertama kalinya rahasia ini dibongkar. Dr James Lazzarini D.C.H adalah master hipnotis yang dikenal sebagai entertainer lebih dari 10 tahun, ia akan membawa dunia hipnotis kepada anda. Ini adalah sebuah video yang berisi rahasia hipnotis yang sangat dijaga ketat oleh master hipnotis. Sekarang anda dapat belajar dari masternya langsung dan mengajarkan hiburan dengan hipnotis dari A sampai Z. Materi belajar hipnotis panggung terbaik yang sesungguhnya !

Teknik Memberi Sugesti dan Mempengaruhi Pikiran Orang Lain.
Membawa dunia hipnotis kepada anda dan memandu anda dari A sampai Z.
Disertai demo step by step.

BONUS!!! 10 ebook (pdf) tentang hypnotis :

7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

1. Affirmation Course to be All You Can
2. Be Your Own Psychic
3. The Secrets of Mental Rejuvination in 20 minute
4. Character Building through Power
5. How To Hypnotize People & Other Living Thing
6. Hypnotiz Advance & Hypnotic technique
7. Hypnosis for beginners
8. Learn Hypnosis... Now!!
9. Mind power Seduction Manual
10. Steps To personal Growth

+ Paul McKenna- Accelerated Learning - Hypnotic Video (1VCD)


Don't be too surprised to find how easy it is to get more of what you truly want from life!

In this exciting ten-tape or CD program, Paul will show you how to operate your mind more efficiently. He'll share with you the secrets of easy success, secrets that have helped many others exceed their expectations, break through their limitations, and release their true potential. And he'll help you tap into the incredible wisdom of your unconscious mind to make you feel happier, more confident, more optimistic, and more powerful than you ever have before!

This is your chance to own Paul Mckenna's Positivity set! Program your mind to get what you want!! This is a proven neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis therapy program. The set consists of 10 tapes to help enlighten your life and help you to become the person you should be!

The tapes consist of the following programs:

1. How to master your emotions and run your own brain
2. How to have supreme self confidence and charisma
3. Discover your true potential and become the person you want to be
4. Discover what you truly want in life and make your dreams come true
5.How to use the powerful beliefs of geniuses and highly successful people
6. Change your life - with the power of positive perspective
7. Attracting wealth - the secrets of the millionaire's mind
8. Radiant health - the keys to wellbeing and vitality
9. The secrets to inner happiness and contentment
10. Overnight success programming

The tapes are in perfect working order and have never been used. Really change your life and become happy and confident in everything that you do.

+ Stephen R. Covey : The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness (Video : Inspirational Companion Films and Audio)

+ Zig Ziglar - If You Open the Sales be Sure to Close the Sale (1 CD)

+ Andre Wongso & Ken Marasuci - Motivasi Sukses 1 CD

+ A.B Susanto - Leadership Series - 1 CD

+ Jay L. Abraham ( World’s #No. 1 Marketing Genius ) - Your Secret Wealth - 6 CD COMPLETE !!

--> Download sample MP3

+ Ary Ginanjar Agustian– Emotional Spiritual Quotient - ESQ (5 VCD)

Disc 1 - IQ EQ SQ
Disc 2 - Kecerdasan Spritual
Disc 3 - Spritual Era
Disc 4 - Psikologi Asma'ul Husna
Disc 5 - Zero Mind Process


Rich Schefren

"Rick Schefren Is Recognized As One of the Top Business Consultants In the World Today Who Teaches His Clients How to Be More Productive With Less Effort While They Create a Real Business That Operates Efficiently and Profitably Whether They Are In the Office Or Cruising the Caribbean On Vacation"

Richard Schefren is the person many of the Internet gurus turn to when they need guidance on growing their business. So while you may never have heard of Rich Schefren, you’ve certainly heard of the people he consults with and coaches.

During the time Richard has been working with a group of insiders, most of his clients have posted an incredible record of business growth. And many of them, such as Rob Bell, the head of 1Shopping Cart, attribute a great deal of their success to the advice Rich has given them.

And during the period Rich has been working with the gurus, he’s inspired successful joint ventures with people like Jay Abraham, Jeff Paul, Stephen Pierce, Alex Mandossian, and John Carlton.

Rich has done something very unexpected. No, he’s not selling anything. In fact, quite the contrary. Rich is giving away a special report that summarized some of the steps he has taken with many of the leading Internet marketing gurus.

I’m going to suggest you hurry over to Rich's Strategic Profits Website and grab that report while it’s still available. Rich’s report will force you to think about your online business and suggest ways you can increase your business profits by actually working less.

Here’s what marketing guru Jeff Paul said about Rich, “Rich has more real world business experience and entrepreneurial savvy than most business owners can accumulate in 10 lifetimes.

He's been featured in the media for his business success, from The Wall Street Journal (being featured as "an unbelievable retail turnaround story") and CNN (appearing several times and labeled as an expert in retail marketing)...... To Crain's, Newsweek, Entertainment Tonight, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, Vogue, GQ, MTV, VH1, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Cosmopolitan, The Daily News, The New York Post and too many others to list.

Now, here's a dirty little secret about Internet marketing: Most Internet marketing "gurus" who brag about living the "Internet lifestyle" are... in actual fact... working their asses off like slaves!

Why? Because they don't know the REAL secrets to owning a hands-free Internet business. There's much, much more to it than just "automation" and "outsourcing" that everybody and their dog talks about. And there's no better person to teach you all these secrets (that NO-ONE else talks about)... than Rich.”

This is the list of topics Rich is covering in the presentation:

* How to build your business the right way from the ground up
* How to organize and manage your business more efficiently
* How you can live the lifestyle you choose without exhausting yourself
* How to use virtual teams the right way
* How to get your business on the fast track to growth
* How to get out from under your business and make it work for you
* How to use leverage and build scalability into your business
* And a whole lot more!
They call Rich Schefren the “Coach to the Internet Gurus”.

His unique philosophy about how to build real businesses
online gets big money results for his clients. And that’s the reason he formed Strategic Profits in 2004.

The company provides coaching for online entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses strategically and ultimately get “free” of the daily grind.

After graduating from Case Western Reserve University, summa cum laude as an accounting major, Rich was recruited by Arthur Anderson’s Strategic Planning Division. There he garnered several awards and then jumped at the opportunity to take over his family’s struggling clothing business.

When Rich turned that business into Soho’s hottest eclectic clothing boutique, with loyal customers like Prince and Uma Thurman, he was hooked on being an entrepreneur. Through his unique marketing ideas, the business had revenue growth from $1.5 to over $6.5 million in just three years.

Next Rich invested $7500 to create a hypnosis center which expanded to multiple locations and generated over $7 Million a year, within four years. Rich then wanted to share his success secrets and developed a program for other hypnosis centers to achieve the success he had. When he made $287,000 in one week selling the program, he knew he was on to something big.

Rich parlayed his offline successes and marketing prowess into an information product business. Over the next 2 years he established joint ventures with the major online marketing players that generated in excess of $4 million in revenue. Many of these marketers secretly sought his advice to help them turn their businesses into profit-producing powerhouses.

His passion was ignited to share what he’d learned with all struggling internet marketers who wanted to build real businesses and freer lives.

That’s when Strategic Profits came to be. And the story continues to unfold…

Business Growth System, the company’s core product, has revolutionized business coaching. With its combination of audio, visual and written materials – clients can learn in the way that suits them best.

The program content leverages over 20 years of Rich’s successes and early struggles to build his own Internet business.

Rich's programs sell out quickly because of the outstanding results achieved by entrepreneurs at all levels - from one person home-based businesses to multi-million
dollar ventures aiming for more. Many of the program’s graduates are now Internet marketing experts in their own right.

Although Rich Schefren is the driving force behind Strategic Profits, the company has expanded to 10 full time employees who now work with Rich to develop products
that expand the reach of Rich’s teachings. The company’s sales revenues exceeded $4 million in its first two years and are expected to be in the $10 million range for the
coming year.

Strategic Profits has fueled its extraordinary growth by publishing free valuable content online. Not only does this create strong relationships with potential customers
and the online community, but encourages feedback. The company uses the feedback to quickly create relevant products that address the struggles and provide solutions for online entrepreneurs.

The Internet Lifestyle
The Three Best Ways To Start Making Money Online Today

Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver is a results-only direct response copywriter and marketing consultant who specializes in creating tools and resources for entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses.

Yanik's products and services include 21 Mind Motivators: Psychological Tactics to Capture More Profits, Instant Sales Letters, Instant Internet Profits, 33 Days To Online Profits, 33 Days To Online Profits Video Enhanced Tutorial eBook, Autoresponder Magic, Million Dollar Emails, Instant Marketing Toolbox, and Internet Marketing Lab Videos.
If you're like us, at times the only way something really "clicks" is when you actually see it done with your own eyes.

Think about one of the simplest tasks of all -- tying your shoe…

Of course, tying your shoes is second nature to you now… BUT at first someone had to show you how to do it a few times. They had to actually take the time and demonstrate exactly how to make the loop, how to cross it over, how to pull the knot tight, etc. etc.

Go ahead and try explaining how to tie your shoe to someone without actually showing them. It'd be downright impossible (and super frustrating for both of you)!

Surprisingly enough, Internet marketing can be almost as easy if you have someone (who's been there and actually done it successfully) take you through the entire step-by-step process right in front of your eyes.
Everybody needs a coach and now you've got two of the best anytime you need them...

“Finally – a Simple, Video-Based Training System on CD-ROM that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to Make Real Money Online… 100% Guaranteed!”

Now it’s as simple as watching a video on your computer and you’re on your way to building your business online…
no matter what product or service you sell!

Also available :

+ Robert T. Kiyosaki

CASHFLOW GAMES 101, 202, Kids (4 CD)

101 : Info Produk

CASHFLOW, Investing 101 - E-game

Cashflow 101 mengajarkan Anda dasar-dasar investasi fundamental. Permainan ini juga memberi Anda jauh lebih banyak lagi. CASHFLOW 101 mengajarkan pada Anda bagaimana mengendalikan keuangan pribadi Anda, membangun suatu bisnis lewat manajemen Arus Kas yang benar, dan belajar cara berinvestasi dengan keyakinan lebih besar dalam real estate dan bisnis-bisnis lainnya.
Produk Edukasional ini adalah untuk anda jika ingin meningkatkan keterampilan-keterampilan bisnis dan investasi Anda dengan mempelajari cara mengubah ide-ide Anda menjadi aset-aset seperti bisnis Anda sendiri. Banyak usaha kecil gagal karena pemiliknya kekurangan modal, pengalaman nyata, dan keterampilan-keterampilan akuntansi dasar. Banyak investor mengira investasi itu riskan hanya karena mereka tidak membaca laporan-laporan keuangan. CASHFLOW 101 mengajarkan keterampilan-keterampilan dasar melek finansial dan investasi. Dibutuhkan setidaknya dua kali memainkan permainan ini agar Anda bisa memahaminya. Dengan demikian, kami menganjurkan Anda memainkan permainan ini sedikitnya enam kali agar bisa mulai menguasai dasar-dasar manajemen arus kas dan investasi. Biaya terbesar bagi banyak orang adalah uang yang tidak mereka raup akibat ketakutan mereka untuk membuat kesalahan di pasar

202 : Info Produk

CASHFLOW, Investing 202 - E-game

Dasar-dasar investasi teknis. Setelah Anda nyaman dengan dasar-dasar CASFLOW 101, tantangan edukasional berikutnya adalah belajar cara mengelola naik turunnya pasar, yang disebut votalitas. CASFLOW 202 mengajarkan Anda untuk menggunakan teknik-teknik investasi dari para investor yang memenuhi syarat, misalnya short selling, call option, put option, dan stradless, teknik-teknik yang yang bisa sangat mahal untuk dipelajari di pasar yang sesungguhnya. Kebanyakan investor takut pada anjloknya pasar.Qualified investor menggunakan piranti yang diajarkan CASHFLOW 102 untuk meraup uang, sementara investor rata-rata kehilangan uang.
Setelah Anda mengusai CASFLOW 101, CASFLOW 202 akan menjadi sangat mengasyikkan karena Anda belajar untuk bereaksi pada pasang surutnya pasar, dan Anda meraup banyak uang 'mainan' daripada perdagangan di pasar dengan uang sungguhan. Meskipun permainan-permainan ini tidak dapat menjamin kesuksesan investasi Anda, mereka akan meningkatkan kosa kata dan pengetahuan finansial Anda mengenai teknik-teknik investasi tingkat atas ini.

Kids : Info Produk

Cashflow for Kids Game

Give your children the financial head start necessary to thrive in today's fast paced and changing world. Schools teach children how to work for money. CASHFLOW™ for Kids teaches children how to have money work for them. CASHFLOW™ for Kids is a complete educational package which includes the book and audiocassette titled "Rich Dad's Guide to Raising Your Child's Financial I.Q." CASHFLOW™ for Kids is recommended for children ages 6 and older.

E-book GRATIS !!! - The Best -

1. Download E-book "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

2. Download E-book "The Richest Man In Babylon"

3. Download E-book "The Science of Getting Rich"

4. Download E-book "Sun Tzu Art Of War"

5. Download E-book "The Art of Money Getting : Golden Rules For Making Money"

6. Download E-book "Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich"

7. Download E-book "Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals"

8. Download E-book "Rahasia Sulap David Blaine"

9. Download E-book "Brian Tracy - The Principle Of Success"

10. Download E-book "Philip Kotler - Marketing Insights From A to Z - 80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know"

11. Download E-book "David DeAngelo - Double Your Dating - Attraction Isnt A Choice"

12. Download E-book "David DeAngelo - Double Your Dating - What Every Man Should Know"

13. Download E-book "David DeAngelo - Double Your Dating - How To Change Yourself"

14. Download E-book "David DeAngelo - Double Your Dating - Sexual Communication Workbook"

Wishing you success with women,

David DeAngelo -> Download MP3 Sample : "Talk Live About Double Your Dating"

15. Download E-book "James Allen - As A Man Thinketh"

16. Download E-book "Siapa Bilang Jadi Karyawan Nggak Bisa Kaya"

17. Download E-book "The Fat-Burning Bible - Mackie Shilstone"

18. Download E-book "Keep Your Brain Alive (83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness"

19. Download E-book "The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook - Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht



Download E-book : ANTHONY ROBBINS - AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN (English Version)



“Rahasia orang SUSKES adalah mau terus belajar dan cepat mengambil tindakan”



Apapun yang Anda impikan, selama Anda menempuh cara yang baik untuk Anda, baik untuk orang banyak, dan baik untuk Tuhan, terkabul adanya. Amin

C'mon Take Action NOW !!

Hubungi : 0812 97 98 946 (bisa pesan lewat SMS) / or PM gw aja.

Harga per CD = Rp. 15,000/CD - nb : optional -

NB :TERSEDIA PAKET-PAKET MENARIK (bisa lihat di katalog)

Cara pemesanan :
Kirimkan pesanan anda melalui sms atau email, (nama pemesan, alamat, kota/kode pos, No.HP, nama dan jumlah CD), kami akan mereply / membalas beserta harga perincian dan cara pembayaran, sesudah transfer dana, harap segera dikonfirmasi agar pesanan anda bisa langsung diproses...

Pembayaran bisa dilakukan di :

* BCA -> 3490 86 84 87
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1. CD - Lock Picking --> Bagaimana cara membuka PINTU, GEMBOK, LOCKER tanpa KUNCI !!
2. CD, VCD, DVD about Stock Market (Pasar Bursa saham)
3. CD SOAL CPNS (2003-2006) Lengkap dengan Pembahasan

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"Orang arogan jarang membaca atau membeli kaset pengembangan diri. Mengapa mereka harus beli? Toh mereka adalah pusat alam semesta" (Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Run Time: 92 minutes Sales Rank: #1 in DVD



Plot Summary

* Genres: Documentary
* Tagline: The Secret has traveled through centuries to reach you.
* Plot Outline Interviews with leading authors, philosophers, scientists, with an in-depth Discussion of the Law of Attraction. The audience is shown how they can learn and use 'The Secret' in their everyday lives.
* Plot Synopsis: The Secret is a feature length movie presentation which reveals The Great Secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries... This is The Secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted. All the resources you will ever need to understand and live The Secret. The world's leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret that utterly transformed the lives of every person who ever knew it... Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein.

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Description :
The Art of Kissing is the only authorized DVD edition of William Cane's classic. It will teach you to kiss like the book never could - by showing you each kiss on screen. What could be easier! All you have to do is watch, and you'll learn to do thirty different romantic kisses, including lip-o-suction, the Trobriand Islands kiss, the french kiss, and more.”

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DVD 1 (Lesson 1): An introduction to the Dunstan Baby Language system. Learn the first 3 words of your baby's language, get helpful advice and tips on how to tune your ear, learn settling techniques, and hear fromother parents who have learnt the system.

DVD 2 (Lesson 2): Learn the final 2 words of your baby's language,get helpful advice and tips, learn settling techniques, hear from other parents about their experiences with the full program, and see Priscilla in a live lesson environment teaching new mothers the system with remarkable results. The DVD set is also supported with a 24 page reference booklet offering other hints and advice, and a quick reference wall chart.

CALL / SMS : 0812 97 98 94 6 for SPECIAL PRICE

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